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My name is Troy Melvin Walls Jr., otherwise known as Buddy.  Most importantly, I was saved at the young age of 12 years old, going to an old-fashioned altar with my mother at an old country church near my home of Bryson City, western North Carolina Smoky Mountains.

Was I always in the will of God? Absolutely not.  Did I remain in that condition? Thank God I did not.

I met my high school sweetheart and had a relationship for three years prior to getting married followed two years later with two sons, and now five grandchildren. We have been married for 43 years. Unfortunately, I did not re-dedicate my life to Christ until after my two sons were born. It was the greatest decision I ever made.

Bible Study

I became very interested in the bible and spent several years in an intense study of God’s Word.  Thank God He led me to the correct bible, being the Authorized King James.  First of all, how do I know it to be the correct bible? From years of historical research of where the bible comes from. Historical facts do not lie, and my God does not lie.

I faithfully taught Sunday School for approximately 20 years. Later during my journey, I became a missionary with Amazing Grace Mission out of Dayton Tennessee in 2012 until present. My wife and I did a lot of travelling pulling a travel trailer setting up soul-winning booths all around the south-eastern states going to local and state fairs.

To the left is a picture of my wife working a soul-winning booth at the Georgia State Fair.

We have met and talked to literally thousands of people that gave their lives to Christ. Therefore, it did not stop there for these individuals. We then took their information and gave it to their nearest Baptist Church for follow-up. Our aim was to stay in contact with these folks, realizing that salvation was only the beginning, then growing in the Lord was next.

To make a long story shorter I spent 20 years or longer in the heavy construction trade such as paper mill projects, coal gasification plants, and the nuclear field, being a supervisor in each. I also became the first known licensed propane state contractor in western North Carolina. I became a licensed general aviation airplane pilot who also licensed in high-performance aircraft.

Extra Curricular

I have also studied “Christian Copywriting” along with being a member of AWAI or American Writers and Artists Inc. Do I claim to know everything? Absolutely not! I am only what God allows me to be. He is my next step and my next breath, especially after having a massive stroke at age 57.

After my stroke, I started and completed my doctorate under Dr. M.H. Tabb of Gulf Coast Bible Institute, in Bible Studies. There have been several men of God I studied under such as Samuel C. Gipp. It was a joy learning under these men.

Evidently, He had something else planned for me because at one time I could not walk, had a difficult time speaking, and had severe double-vision. I walk fine, can speak with no problem, and see well who is driving as any normal person.  Thank God I serve a God of mercy who said, I will not put more on you than you can bear, and I will never leave you or forsake you. I believe that.

My only goal for the remainder of my days is to serve God and to serve others in helping them draw closer to Him, by whatever means possible.

Bible Buddy

Any questions or comments you may have for Bible Buddy, please let me know in the comment section.  If we don’t have the answer we will find the answer.  Our purpose is to help you any way we can.  Bible Buddy has over 20 years of teaching experience along with different approaches for the soul- winning experience.  Finally, we have seen literally thousands give their life to Christ.  We also offer thousands of products and gifts from “The Jerusalem Gift Shop.”  There can be a one day delivery for any item.  These products come directly from Jerusalem and the town of Bethlehem.  Click to visit the store HERE!  Thanks and we wish you well!