Ark of Safety

Storms are a part of the Christian’s life.  Weathering the storm can sometimes be a challenge.  The Lord said He would put no more on us than we could bear.  We have to trust the Lord will do as He says.  Knowing the Lord and His people has has the final victory should keep us going through the storms of life. 


Many times people need a helping hand, someone’s guiding  hand of truth, pointing them the right direction, helping them to avoid the storms of life. 

 A life of peace can  be with God’s children.  God has a special relationship with His children.  Climbing aboard God’s ark of safety can give children a peaceful and fulfilling life.   

Safety and security is most important in anyone’s life.  It is difficult to see children who suffer at the hands of adults that are not feeding them physically and spiritually.  Children need to know they are safe in the arms of God.     

God’s Ark of Safety is a metaphore that describes a safe haven for children.  Most importantly, they need to put their faith and trust in the Lord.  It will be just as safe for them as it was for the children of God that was in Noah’s Ark during the storm.  Because life sometimes deal children a terrible storm.  They are safe in the ark of God’s love.