I would like to share a post question on “Use of Biblical Language” (at the bottom of the page) that was offered to me from a very smart lady.  She asked the question “Can baptism deny you the Kingdom?”

The Subject

The subject of “baptism”
is without doubt one of the most controversial of all Bible
teachings.  Different types of “churches” have varying modes of
“baptism.”  Some sprinkle, some pour, and some
immerse.  Some baptize infants; others baptize older children and/or
adults.  And there are groups which even “baptize” on behalf of those
deceased.  Then others tell us it is not an important thing and
therefore practice no baptism at all.  History reveals that baptism
has been the most divisive issue throughout the present age.  Our
Baptist forefathers paid dearly for their stand upon the Bible truth of
baptism.  Millions were cruelly put to death just because they
refused to have their children “sprinkled,” or dared to stand upon the
teachings of God’s Word.  We do not have to face such persecution
today – but we ought to be willing to take the same stand upon the truth of the
Bible.  You can learn the truth by carefully studying the following
Scriptures.  Set aside any preconceived notions and see exactly what
the Bible teaches.

A  smart lady ask this question, “can baptism deny you the Kingdom?”  I would like to share with you my direct response to her”

The Response

Thank you so much for your comment.  You offered a question that many may be confused about, and a very legitimate question.  You asked, “Can baptism deny us the kingdom?”  The answer is “No.”  The reason is the following:  The ONLY thing that will deny you the Kingdom is “belief.”  If you do not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Do you believe that God’s Son Jesus walked the earth in the flesh, died for our sins, and was crucified and put to death and laid in a tomb, and three days later arose from the dead that we could have life eternal for those that “BELIEVE”, not baptized.  Baptism is only showing the world you are a believer in Christ. 

Think of this, many were baptized : before the cross, such as John and Jesus along with many others.  Baptism is not salvation.  Remission of sins is not by water, but by the “blood of Christ.”  Jesus was sent to be the propitiation for our sins, not water.  That is according to 1st John 4:10.  Hope this helps, God  bless.

If anyone has questions on Baptism please contact me and we will show you what the bible says.  Thanks.  

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