People in general are a strange breed.  Many claim to want to live holy and live right the opposite.

Everyone in life needs an authority to govern the affairs of their lives.  Therefore, if you have no authority all you end up with is chaos, and God is not the author of confusion.  So, the only sensible direction to go is towards the things of God or holiness.

The Bible would be the most important part of anyone’s life if they were to lead a life of peace and happiness.  The Bible has the answer to any situation in life.  The problem is, most people don’t follow it’s instruction.  

It is the final authority in all matters of faith and practice.  Knowing which is the “correct” bible is a matter of study and belief.  The more you study the Word the more you know the Word of God is inspired and preserved.  No one single individual can force you to believe anything.  It is a matter of study and belief.

The Word of God is the means God communicated to mankind to reveal who He is and who Jesus is.  The Word of God claims He was in the beginning and He was the Word.  Therefore since He does not lie and He said He was the truth, the Word can be believed for the truth.  Our faith in that not only changes our lives but changes other’s lives.