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Ark Children

This post is about several issues concerning children’s habits, lifestyles, and parenting.  Perfect parents do not exist.  That is a fact.  We can still notice a trend developing among children and adults.

The younger folks do not show the respect to elders as in times past.  The reason this post is titled “Ark Children” is because there is an Ark of safety they can ride on this stormy sea of life.  It starts with the parents.  Parents with their busy lifestyles at times do not observe, notice, or attempt to correct what is happening even in their own homes.  With the proper “Godly” training children can ride the ark of safety by following the”obedience” of the scriptures.  

In the world we live in electronic gadgets have taken over.  Children and parents are pushing buttons while each are being taught the ways of the world instead of learning the ways of a Holy God.  People hear God mentioned and they tune Him out over something that amounts to absolute vanity.  Many times parents are not aware of what their their children are reading or watching and their minds are being absorbed by corruption. 

Coddled Kids 

Another thing noticed is that children are being “coddled” to the extreme turning them into “pansy babies.”  Let me give you an example.  There ‘s nothing wrong with loving your children, but sometimes you can do them more harm than good by going overboard.  I know there will be people disagree but the facts are the facts.

Children huddled

Example:  This has happened, a mother takes her three children to the doctor because shes needs “doctor excuses” to excuse their absence from school because Mom was too lazy to get them up and off to school on time.  The kids arrive at the doctor’s office and Mom wants some tests on them for being what she called “sick.”  There was absolutely nothing wrong with the children as they were playing so loud they were interrupting the staff.  This is a waste of time for the medical  folks as they could be attending other people that has legitimate needs.

Hospital Visits

If your child has the sniffles, believe it or not, you don’t have to claim he’s sick, coddle him and take him to the emergency room and then it turns out to be for nothing.  My mother never took me to the emergency room for a sniffle!  And I survived!  Nowadays kids claim they’re sick over congestion.  That’s not sick!  Sick is the measles or the mumps or the flu.  We used to be congested  constantly as an everyday occurrence, now they think its the end of the world.  Oh I’m so impassionate!  Wait, let me get you a cookie and some milk, so you’ll feel better.  

Parents be parents.  Parents need to grow up so their kids can.  I know I’m awful, I’m bad, I’m just an old mean dumb grandpa that don’t know anything.   But guess what?  I wasn’t a spoiled brat that had everything handed to him right and left and knew something about respect.  Have a nice day. 

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