Creation is to understand life.  We must realize there is a greater purpose to us being here.  

To have a life of contentment and satisfaction we must first trust the one that gave us that life to begin with.  Through personal study understand we did not come from a seaweed or a monkey.  We have a higher purpose than that.  There is an opportunity to gain eternal life.  Our creator wants to spend eternity with His creation if His creation chooses Him.  

Life is sometimes made confusing by the creation, us.  We try at times to over complicate things.  It is best to trust the creator.  The pottery should not question the potter.  He designed you in His image for your good.  Our part is believing that.  A child like faith is what is what God is looking at.  God reacts according to our faith.

Everything we can see and witness with these eyes show us that the only way it could be is by design.  Being by design must mean there is a creator.  Then the creator must be much more intelligent than us, therefore we should listen and follow Him, especially if He is the creator of eternal life.  Sine the creator stands for everything good and not evil, we should follow and obey Him.  It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.