Demonic Deliverance

Demonic deliverance is a subject we can accept as truth in the age we live because Satan knows his time is short on this earth, and anyone can be delivered from a demonic presence.  First of all, are demons real?  They were real when Jesus walked the earth, so why would they not be real today?

Satan is the “Prince of the power of the air” according to the bible.  His accompanying angels that fell from heaven with him are very real.  Satan is constantly trying to discourage you and tear you down.  I’ve got good news.  If you are a “born again” christian you have all the power within you to stop him in his tracks.  

There is one thing for certain. God wins and the devil loses.  The Holy Spirit comes and abides in you when you become saved therefore you have a power greater than Satan, the power of God.  When you pray in the name of “our Lord” Satan has to leave the premises.

We do not live in a “make believe” science fiction world.  God, through His Word, has already informed us of these demons.  Do we believe God?  If we believe Him for salvation then we must believe Him when He shares the Word with us.  

I urge you today, take care of yourself and your family with good health along with good spiritual health.  Many people don’t realize your spiritual health is more important.  God knows when a sparrow falls from a tree.  Will He not know more about you?  Walk in the light of God’s precious Holy Word with obedience and allow God to be God.  That is your eternal future.  

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