Disease, the destruction of the flesh, began in Egypt because of sin.  Does that mean sin causes a disease?  Not necessarily, although, it can.  The bible says it can reach back several generations.  We do not always know the “why” and may not until we reach heaven.  The main thought is, God is in control of all things, whether they are good or bad.  We just have to trust Him that He knows what He is doing. 

Many times people will cause the destruction of their own flesh, but that is not always the case.  Sometimes we put ourselves in predicaments we could avoid.  We could be somewhat responsible or not responsible at all.  Only God know the real reason.  Many Christians  don’t realize that when the Israelites was fleeing Egyptthey ate the manna God provided and followed God.  They were all healthy and lived to a ripe old age.   Are we following God and eating right?  It makes you think doesn’t it?

Anytime people has tragedy in their lives, one of the first things they want to believe is that God caused it.  They do not understand that it may not be because of them at all.  It may be for someone else’s faith.  It could be for another reason altogether.  We may not find out until we reach heaven.