Doctrine is the key to understanding scripture.

Belief in the fundamental truths are so very important for the Christian.

People at times get confused about doctrine.  There is a doctrine of God.  It is explained in the Holy Word.  

People have different ideas about doctrine. Some think it not that important.   

Some take it out of context.  Others believe what the bible says is literal.

Doctrine is the key to understanding scripture. It is a very important part of fundamental beliefs.  Without it can cause confusion and actually false belief.  Many people corrupt sound doctrine by adding to or taking away parts of scripture.  

Christian Doctrine

Doctrine is a very important part of the Christian experience.  Most people know it is critical for the bible student to understand doctrine.  When you witness to folks you need to understand what line of faith they are coming from so you can be a better witness.  Many doctrines take away the deity of Christ, thereby complicating witnessing.  When you understand the doctrine of “deity”  you can explain better eternal life and salvation. One of our main purposes in this life is to lead as many as possible to the Lord.

It was told to me one time in a Sunday School class that it did not matter about doctrine.  Doctrine is everything!  When you’re a soul-winner you really see the importance.  There are doctrines on several topics, for one baptism.  People needs to understand the bible view on baptism.  It is not what we think, but what the bible says.  It is that way with any doctrine.  We do not make it up as we go along, but go by what the bible says.

People are bad to take scripture out of context or make up a doctrine as they go along, or go by tradition.  We simply need to follow what God says in the bible and don’t rely on a man-made doctrine.  People causes there own problems.  Follow God and His instruction book, the Holy Word.