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Ok, we are in a short series of lessons on the Authority of the Authorized King James Version.  We are showing 12 reasons why the King James is the Word of God.  Thus far we have seen the following reasons:  God promised to preserve His words, the Authorized Version was translated under a God ordained English King.  It has no copyright, and we determined that God always translates perfectly.  Another reason we learned the King James is the Word is because it produces good fruit, plus the King James translators believed they were handling the very Words of God.

Today’s lesson will start with another reason why the KJB is the Word, and that is 3 – because the King James Translators were honest in their work.  The critics of the KJV enjoy making a fuss about the words in italics, which were added by the translators, but the argument is entirely unnecessary and unfair.

The italic words in the KJV actually prove that the translators were honest in their work.  When translating from one language to another, the idioms change, in other words, a word in one language may have a slightly different meaning than the same word in another language.  Therefore it makes it necessary to add certain words to help the reader grasp the full meaning of the text.  When the KJV translators added such words they set them in italics so we’d know these words were added, unlike we find in so many new versions today, which do not use italics. 


Besides, no one has ever proven that these italic words are not the words of God, because no one has “the originals” to check them with.  In fact, we know for sure that the translators were led by the Holy Spirit to add at least some of the italicized words.

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One good example of this is found in 2nd Samuel 21:19.  When the translators came to this verse in the Hebrew text, they noticed that an exact translation would give Elhanan credit for slaying Goliath, but we know from 1sr Chron. 20:5 that he actually slew the brother of Goliath.  So the KJV translators added the words “the brother of” to 2nd Sam. 21:19.  If the Lord has not led them to do so, then 2nd Sam. 21:19 would contradict 1st Chron. 20:5 (as it does in the New World Translation.) 

Another fine example is 1st John 2:23.   The translators were right in adding the italicized words.

As you can see, the words “he is” are in italics.  According to many scholars they should be omitted, but according to the apostle Peter they should not be omitted.  Peter quotes Psalm 16:8 in Acts 2:25 and he uses the italicized words!  How did the translators know this if the Lord did not lead them? 

The italics in the King James Bible are the marks of an honest translation, for no one added these words to mislead us, or to change the word of God.  They added the words to help us, and they set the words in italics so we’d know where they were added. That’s honesty.  I know the KJV is the word of God, because the translators were more honest in their work than any of the modern Bible translators. 

The KJV is the Word of God

Another reason I know the KJV is the word of God is because all the new translations compare themselves to the KJV.  The new versions do not compare themselves with each other, because they’re too busy comparing themselves with one book, the King James Bible.  This fact alone proves that there is something very special and unique about the KJV.

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Why does everyone line up in opposition against the King James Bible?  Why not attack one another?  That’s easy: Satan has no desire to divide his own kingdom (Matt. 12:26).  His desire is to discredit the word of God, not himself; so he attacks only one book, God’s Book, the KJV.

Those who oppose the KJV are unsure of themselves, for they have no Final Authority; so they despise those of us who do have an Authority.  They’re unstable, insecure, dishonest, and very inconsistent.  They’re all terrified of one book, the KJV, and they’ll stop short of nothing in their efforts to rid the body of Christ of that Book.

The Standard

I know the KJV is the word of God, because it’s the standard which all others use for comparison.

  The Laodicean period is the last church period before the Second Coming of Christ.  It is the last of the seven church periods in Revelation chapters 2 and 3.  One can clearly see that we are living in the Laodicean period today by simply comparing modern churches to the church of Revelation 3:14.  This lukewarm period began toward the end of the 1800’s and will continue until Christ returns.  The new versions fit well into the lukewarm churches because they are lukewarm “bibles.” 

The Authorized Version, however, was translated long before the Laodicean churches appeared.  It was translated during the Philadelphia church period, which is the best church period of all.  It was the church that the Lord Jesus commended for keeping his word (Rev. 3:8-10).

In 1611

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  There was no “scientific” crowd around in 1611 to put pressure on the translators.   There was no civil rights movement going on at this time to influence the work of these men.  The women were not screaming for “equal rights”, and the humanists and socialists had not yet taken control. 

 The open public denial of God’s word and the deity of Christ were practically unheard of among ministers.  It wasn’t until the twentieth century that professing Christianity became flooded with lukewarm preachers who would be willing to compromise the word of God for self-gain. 

ork in church history occurred between 1700 and 1900, so it makes perfect sense that God would have a Bible ready for this great work, and He did – the KJV.  Unfortunately, the new translations appeared a bit late on the scene!  Think about that.  I know the KJV is the word of God because of the time in history in which it was translated. 

Innocent until proven quilty

Another reason I know the KJV is the word of God is because no one has ever proven that the KJV is not God’s Word.  Has anyone proven it guilty?  No.  Has any scholar actually proven that there are errors in the King James Bible?  No.  Enemies of the KJV delight in ignoring the facts about the Authorized Version, while never proving anything.   I know the KJV is the word of God, because over 400 years, no one has ever proven otherwise.

Another reason the KJV is the word of God is because of the manuscript evidence.   Only a very deceived individual could believe that the new versions are equal to the King James Bible. Ninety-five percent of all evidence supports the text of the King James Authorized Version.  The new versions are supported by the remaining five percent evidence. 

The New Bibles

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 They also include the Apocrypha, which the Lord Jesus Christ excluded from the Old Testament in Luke 24:44.  All new versions contain readings from these corrupt manuscripts, and all new versions use their tiny five percent evidence to attack the ninety-five percent majority text of the King James Bible.

The Texus Receptus (received text) from which the King James Bible came can be traced back to Antioch, Syria, where the disciples were first called Christians and where Paul and Barnabus  taught the word of God for a whole year (Acts 11:26).  

We don’t need an Egyptian version, for Egypt is a type of the WORLD in the Bible.  God called His people OUT of Egypt (Exod. 3 – 14), and God called His Son out of Egypt (Hos.11:1 with Matt. 2:13-15).  Why, the Bible says that “every shepherd is an abomination unto the Egyptians” in Gen. 46:34 and the Lord Jesus Christ is called a Shepherd in John chapter ten.  


Then there’s the Roman text, also known as the “Western Text”.  The harlot of Revelation 17 is a perfect description of the Roman Catholic Church, which has persecuted Christians for thousands of years.  Romans persecuted the Christians in Acts 18:2, and in 70 AD the Romans destroy Jerusalem.  Rome is the “dreadful and terrible” beast of Daniel chapter 7, and Christ will destroy the “Revised Roman Empire” at the Second Coming (Dan. 2:7; and Rev. 13).  It has been estimated that Rome is guilty of the blood of some 200 million people who have rejected her corrupt system.  A “bible” from Rome is another thing we can live without.

An open bible

  The word of God speaks positively of Antioch, and negatively of Rome and Egypt.  We should take the best and dump the rest!  I know the King James Bible is the word of God because of the manuscript evidence.

Exalting the Lord

And last but not least I know the King James is the Word of God because it exalts the lord Jesus Christ.  Jesus said, Joh 5:39 Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.  A real Bible will testify of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The true word of God will always exalt Jesus Christ, and it will never attack His Deity, His Virgin Birth, His Blood Atonement, His Bodily Resurrection, His Glorious Second Coming, or any other doctrines concerning His person.  However, the new versions attack all of the fundamental doctrines concerning the Lord Jesus Christ at one time or another.

By perverting the many important verses of scripture which deal with the fundamental doctrines of Christ, the new bibles have a continuous attack launched against our Savior.  The new versions have an extreme bitter hatred toward the Authorized Version and the way it gives the Lord Jesus Christ the preeminent place.

The King James Bible never attacks our Lord.  More than any book in the world, the Authorized Version of the Protestant Reformation exalts the Lord Jesus Christ.  If we had no other reason for receiving the Authorized Version as the Word of God, this reason alone should be enough to convince any true believer, for how could we not become suspicious of the new versions for making such changes.  I know the King James Bible is the word of God because it always exalts the Lord Jesus Christ.

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