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Inner Peace

Do you search inner peace?  There is a peace that can be found.  Besides, the only true inner eternal peace is through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Above all, now before you cut me off or leave the page please here me out.

A question comes to mind in any situation, especially when we are very troubled or a possible life and death situation.  Can God really do what He says He can do in the bible?  There truly is a peace that passes all understanding.  It starts with faith.  Do we believe?  Finally, do you believe what God has shared with us in His precious Word of Truth?

It is actually something that you can bring about yourself through meditating on the Word of God.  Start by making you a list of all the “peace verses” in the bible and then taking the time to study them.  Above all, did you know the answer for any problem in the world is in the bible?  Isn’t that good news?

Most importantly, if you truly have a desire for lasting peace you will search out the scriptures.  Remember, Satan is the author of confusion.  Above all, the Lord is of peace.  It should not be difficult to make the right decision.  If you are “born again” which you can find on the “Salvation” page, you will gain eternal peace in a glorified body.  Therefore, no more sickness, no more pain, no more death!  

Fishing For Something

Fishing for something is a good biblical metaphore.  We are all fishing for something.  We are fishing for more money, better homes, better jobs, some type of education, satisfaction or peace.  And the majority of the time we are fishing for something that satisfies “self”.  Jesus used “fishing” several times in the scriptures to bring about a lesson.  He even had apostles that were fisherman.  He used the analogy on how we could fish for men in the way of salvation.

Have you ever taken the time, sit down, and ask yourself what are you fishing for?  The answer to that question can change your life.  Some people achieve greater satisfaction in helping others before they help themselves.  In this materialistic world we live in that sometimes can be difficult.  Why?  We have a natural desire to want something quick and easy.  First we have a desire for fast and then it must be easy.  

Many times, so called “Christians” do not even realize that fulfilling God’s will along with fulfilling their own will lies in their own hands.  We ourselves can control not only our purpose in life but our total satisfaction with life.  And the very simple and unarguably answer to that is Christ our Lord.  Put ALL your faith and trust in Him and allow Him to be the guide in your life.

Did you know that any question or concern that you may have in this life, the answer can be found in God’s Holy Word.  But here is the kicker!  We have to study it before it can do us any  good.  Why?  Because it does not run and jump in our laps.  It actually takes a little effort on your part.

Fishing for the Holy Things

Are you fishing for things that are Holy or are you fishing for things of the world?  If you have a desire to improve ANY situation in your life follow the Holy things of a Holy God.  Does that mean you are then perfect?  Absolutely NOT!  The Bible says we ALL fall short of the glory of God.  As long as we are in these natural bodies we will fall short.  But we are to strive to be Holy as God is Holy.  

Bible Buddy 

Fishing for men is similar to fishing for fish.  You have to lure them with the Word of God.  

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