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This Repentance Bible post is an explanation of how people really act and behave in the real world.  

First of all,  you need to understand what salvation is before you get into the repentance part so read my post on “Salvation.”  It explains salvation in a very easy to understand way.  

You can repent without believing but you can’t believe without repenting.  Repenting in the Greek is “metanoia” or “change of mind.”  You change your mind toward believing God.  

A change of thinking, which means a person realizes it is their sin which separates them from God, then realizes that Jesus Christ is the only provision for the payment of that sin.  This is true repentance toward God for salvation. 

The words I'm sorry

You can also repent after you’re saved when you have done a wrong.  According to the Hebrew we are to “turn away from our sin.”  There is no need in repenting unless there is a “turning away” from your sin.  Can God bless a person that will not turn from their sin?  Absolutely not!

The whole idea of repenting is to draw closer to God.  More importantly, how could we expect results without repenting?  Just do a turn around and draw closer to God.

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2 thoughts on “Repentance Bible

  1. Mr. Walls,
    I address you as such because you deserve this respect; a man of God always deserves respect. I am a Christian and my beliefs follow the path of your post. My question to you is although I turn away from sinning and try very hard not to sin; but when I do how do I know I have actually repented? And is there anyone ever free of not sinning who walks on earth? I have many questions about sin and Jesus Christ and God that I could write a book; but that is not going to change the fact I believe in Jesus Christ died to save me for the sins I have committed and God will take care of me and guide me through my life.
    Thank you for this article and I look forward to reading many more.

    • Dear Susan,  Thank you so much for your comment.  I’ve got great news for you.  God loves you.  As long as we are in these natural bodies we are capable of sinning.  Jesus knew that when He hung on the cross.  He died for past, present, and future sin.  He knew people were not perfect and holy although we are to strive to be that.  If you believe in the finished work of the cross, you will be fine.  I’m so thankful for your comment.  I want you to be comforted in knowing Jesus loves you more than you could ever realize. Look up!  You have a great future!

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