The Bible Way

The Bible Way

Holy Word, the Bible, which bible to choose has been a controversial subject
for centuries.  The best advice this
author can give, especially for people just starting their religious studies or
journey, is to first take the advice of someone very experienced in scripture
until you have taken the time to research if that person is correct or not
according to facts, historical facts.  
If you like history, you will find the study of the history of the bible
very interesting.  The advice this author
can give from His many years of experience until proven wrong is this:  use the Authorized King James Bible while
you’re doing your own research until you are convinced it is the true Word of
God.  It has never been proven wrong.

Yes, some have said that it contains mistakes in it,
but the people claiming that are the ones containing mistakes.  They may be referring to some grammatical
changes the King James Bible committees made before its first publication for
easier reading and understanding, but there are no contextual mistakes as there
is in all modern-day versions.  It is
critical in the day we live for the bible student to recognize falsehoods or
lies when they see them. Only Satan is the author of confusion which he has
been doing for centuries trying to destroy God’s Word.  ALL modern-day versions must come from
somewhere so where do they come from? 
They all come from the King James Version.  It’s just that they were then corrupted by
adding too and taking away from like the bible says NOT to do.  The brilliant scholars caused this. 


            It is
pathetic how the modern-day versions and translators have corrupted the Word of
God.  On the next page I have a chart of
how and when the corruption started.  When
you look at the chart, notice there are only two bibles in the world, or should
I say two lines of text.  There is the
Antioch text line, and then there is the Alexandrian text line.  You the reader is welcome to study this out.  ALL modern-day versions come from the
Alexandrian line, and the King James comes from the Antioch line.  The modern day “perversions” was borrowed and
then corrupted FROM the Antioch line. Many corruptions have begun in the last
few centuries.

author sees corruption creeping into the churches, even some of the Independent
Fundamental churches.  It is happening
because of “political correctness” and the “good ole boy” syndrome.  What do I mean by that?  If people are friends with pastors whether
they are speaking biblically correct, they stand for the incorrect speaker
before they will stand for the truth. 
Another word for that is “compromiser.” 
People compromise the truth for friendship. There is more of that going
on than you might imagine.  I support
biblical pastors, but if one says something that is not biblical, I’d rather go
by what the bible says.  Men can be
wrong, God is ALWAYS right.  When you
look at it a little closer it is not what we think, but what God says that is

Look Closer

            I ask
the average layman this, have you taken the time to observe what leaders of the
church and elsewhere are speaking and how it lines up with the Word, or are you
just not that interested?  If we don’t
study “truth” how will we know deception and lies when they come around?  Please observe the chart on the next page. 

is creeping into the church.  Let me give
you an example.  Since everything is
based off the words of the King James, the NKJV or New King James is being
touted as one of the grandest bibles around, since it comes from the King
James.  What the average lay person is
not aware of, is that it also has been corrupted by the modern day so called “scholar.”  The following words are omitted: “Lord” 66
times, “God” 51 times, “heaven” 50 times, “fornication” 23 times, “repent” 44
times, “blood” 23 times, “hell” 22 times, “devil” 26 times, “Jehovah” entirely,
“new testament” entirely, damnation” entirely, “soul” 137 times.

Modern Day Corruption

you can see on the chart protestants came from the Antioch line, but the
Independent Baptists are not “protestants.” 
Many of the “protestants” have corrupted the Word.  I think it is somewhat humorous when people
carry on and on about “racial” this and “racial” that.  I’m aware of my biblical race. If we are not
“Jewish” then we are “Gentile.”  I know I
am a Gentile that has been “grafted” into the family of God.  I’m thankful for that race.  Regardless of your race, if you are a “saved
Gentile” you belong to the Lord.  When it
is all said and done, that is all that matters. A day is coming when race is
irrelevant.  Think about that for a

can anyone justify any such deletions? 
All that change in the bible they claim they are making the bible easier
to read than the King James.  That is not
true.  They remove simple words and
replace them with more difficult words. 
Tests were conducted to determine the reading level of all the versions
and the King James was found to be the easiest to read.  But, once again, people will believe a lie
before they will the truth, and most people will claim the King James is hard
to read and it is just not true.


the bible requires is “study”, not just reading.  But that requires effort, which many do not
want to pursue because it might require sacrifice of time and effort.  God has never claimed that being a Christian would
be easy no more than it was easy for Christ to walk up Calvary.  You can have the bible memorized from front to
back and it is not worth a plug nickel unless “obedience’ is there.  That is the whole purpose of scripture, is

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