The Masoretic Text

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The Masoretic Text

Most importantly, the Masoretic Text is the traditional Hebrew Old Testament.  It is both Judaism and Protestantism.  The Roman Catholic Church historically has used the Latin Vulgate.  It was translated by Jerome.  This position has been revised.  The Catholic Church uses the Hebrew text.  The Orthodox Church has historically used the Greek Septuagint.   Masoretic comes from the Hebrew word masora.  Finally, it refers to the marginal notes added by Jewish scribes and scholars. 

Also,  ancient manuscripts of the Hebrew Old Testament dated to the ninth century.  Most importantly, this has changed with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. They date from 168 BC to about 68 AD.   However, the scrolls provide us with Hebrew manuscripts more ancient. More than the previous manuscripts by one thousand years.   First of all, the majority of Biblical manuscripts among the Dead Sea Scrolls agree with the Masoretic Text.   Also, this further provides evidence of the text’s credibility.   Finally, it testifies to the accuracy of the Hebrew scribes.  Even more, it was in their reproduction of biblical manuscripts.

 Biblical fragments among the Scrolls come from the book of Leviticus (1QLev.a).  They add support to the antiquity of the Masoretic Text.  Also, these fragments encompass Le 19:31-34; 20:20-23. There is but one minor variant from the Masoretic Text found in Le 20:21. The Masoretic Text uses the Hebrew word hoo.  The Dead Sea Scrolls uses the Hebrew word he.   It is the same Hebrew word.  It is a personal pronoun meaning he, she, or it.   Also, the two are used interchangeably throughout the Hebrew Old Testament.

Ancient writings

Additional Manuscripts

Additional manuscripts have also been found.  They support the Masoretic Text.  Most noteworthy, these texts were approximately nineteen hundred years old.  Then,  dating slightly before 73 AD when Masada finally fell.  More importantly, the manuscripts were exclusively Masoretic.   Add the Geniza Fragments which were discovered in 1890 at Cairo, Egypt.  These fragments date to the fifth century AD.   Also, they were located in a geniza,a type of storage room for faulty manuscripts.  The fragments number around 200,000. It reflects Biblical texts in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Arabic.  Finally, the Biblical texts discovered support the Masoretic Text.

The Textus Receptus

 The Masoretic Text may be thought of as the Textus Receptus (Latin for received text) of the Old Testament.  In fact, some scholars have referred to it as such.  Look at the Textus Receptus of the New Testament. Also, the Masoretic Text is based on the majority of manuscripts.  Finally, it reflects the Traditional Text used.  Most importantly this is where the authorized King James Bible comes from.  For that reason it can be trusted.  Seems like people needs to put more faith in the Word of God.

 Six generations the ben Asher family reproduced the Masoretic Text.  Moses ben Asher produced a text in 895 AD known as Codex Cairensis.  It contained the writings of the Prophets.  Codex Leningradensis dates to 1008 AD. It was based on the work of Aaron ben Moses ben Asher. The son was Moses ben Asher. Finally, this codex is the oldest manuscript containing the complete Bible. 

The Standard Hebrew

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Generally scholarship agrees that the Masoretic Text became the standard.  It authorized Hebrew text around 100 AD.  It was in connection with the completion of the New Testament.  The Masoretic Text existed prior to the writings of the New Testament.  Finally, these were actually the words Jesus spoke when He read the scriptures.  Therefore if we believe in anything it should be the words Jesus spoke.

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